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Change your art in seconds

Display your records

Change your records

Display your records – Change your records

The Show & Listen LP Frame gives you the opportunity to display your favourite vinyl albums and their playable contents on your wall. With this record frame design, you can change over your display within seconds, without having to remove the frame from the wall. This is done by a quick release system so a simple press on the catch at the top and the frame opens. 


This is the third time I've ordered these record frames from here and I'm absolutely addicted! Such a great concept and product. My living room wall is looking fantastic and friends always comment on the display.


Really pleased with these frames. Ordered several so that I could create a 'record' wall so these are perfect as they open out so you can still use the records. Have ordered some more. Would definitely recommend.

Mrs Samantha Warrington
super quick changeability of your musical art wall

With the secure push button mechanism you change record art in seconds while the frame is still on the wall.

Designed for a life-time of changes you have no risk of the albums falling out

Single screw installation

We’ve chosen the lightest and strongest materials so you can install the frame with a single screw to the wall.  Installed in minutes for a lifetime of mixing art and music

• 5 times stronger and 10 times lighter than glass

• Strong and light recyclable ABS plastic frame with matt black or white finish

the lightest frame on the market

Despite being the lightest frame on the market, once installed it strong and sturdy to hold up-to triple album covers. 

Keeping the frame flush against the wall are four rubber pads so your frame will sit secure against any surface. These pads will also ensure the frame stays straight even if you decide to change your records every day. This is a deluxe frame designed to last a lifetime.

Fits single, double and triple albums

Through the use of the special Spongy Fingers allows 99% of all 12" albums to fit.

With a Show & Listen Flip Frame your records are well looked after thanks to the ingenious 'Sponge fingers' on the back of the frame that adjust to the difference in thickness of vinyl records. This allows you store the vinyl in the frame if you are not playing it.